Bunny Burkett's littlest fans

Bunny Burkett's littlest fans

This, folks, is why I love American motorsports. No extra-fees, no special credentials. All you have to do is show up and you're favorite drivers are there to say hi. Bunny Burkett's always been a class act, and she's always been about her fans. This picture was taken after her hip replacement surguery. She'll be racing at the upcoming President's Cup. This picture was taken at the first race I had the privlidge of reporting live at, the IHRA Pro-Am Tour at MIR. It was the first of what will be many races ahead of me, but I am forever greatful to Royce Miller for giving me this chance, and to Bunny for doing all she has done for me as well. I owe them a great debt of gratitude and am forever thankful for the chance that I was given at MIR.

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