White Throated Sparrow

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White Throated Sparrow

Just a sparrow on my deck.

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Lee Duer


Sat 2006-4-8

Not JUST a sparrow! It's a white throated sparrow that migrates into this area in October and goes back to it's breeding ground (Northers US into Southern Canada) about now. They have a cheery high-pitched song and prefers white proso millet as it's seed (as do most of the sparrow family). A nice bird and a good shot.

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Opinions are my own...

Tue 2006-7-4

That's a great shot! Getting down on the ground at his level was a good idea. Makes the viewer think he is right there with the bird.
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Registered User

Mon 2007-10-22

Thanks for the comments. Had it not been for this bird knocking himself out on my window, and coming out of it slowly, I never would have been able to get this shot.
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